Grey Sparrow’s National Treasure is Ada Limón, the 24th United States Poet Laureate.

Before, Ada Limón


Crucible and Photograph, John Sibley Williams

Child Coloring in a War Zone, Jim Tilley

Lyulilei, Anna Idelevich

Pinot Noir, Shiva Bhusal

What You Hear in a Storm, Pat Hanahoe-Dosch

The Mingling of Dust, James B. Nicola

My Song of Guernica, Marc Janssen

“Nirvana,” L B Chhetri

Summer after the Coup, Frank C. Modica

Talk to Each Other, Jennifer M. Phillips

Camping Belle Vue, Jenny Hockey

Coolerator, Bonnie McClellan [Editor’s Note: Poet McClellan’s first publication]

At the Calling of a Faint, Otherworldly Voice, Larry D. Thomas

How I Hear It, Anne Dreyer

HomeSickness, Caroline Reddy

The Beehive, Patrick Theron Erickson

The Museum of Human Mistakes, Vern Fein

In Memoriam, Debbie Benson

To Become Water, Michael T. Young

Sonnet for the Child of Rain Remembered, Paul Ilechko

Trinity, Nicholas Kriefall

Leda, J.R. Solonche

His Silence, Laura Ann Reed

the clean, pleasing, Robert Tremmel

Classroom, Ken Poyner

The Rationed Wait of the Soldier, Mark Mazzoli

Safety Measures, Claire Scott

Galápagos Land Iguana: Poem, John Delaney, Photograph, Andrew Delaney


Fingerlings, Tessa Ellison Rossi

Ma’s Little Bags, Chris Daly

Brief Serpent Tale, Charles Springer

Submerged, Ian C. Smith

The Woman Who Cared Too Much, Patrick Parks

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Life Coach, Michael Bloor

If I Were a Golden Pheasant, Veronica Klash

Transmission, Mikki Aronoff

The blue of midday, the black of midnight, Chitra Gopalakrishnan

Cactus Cradle with Bojan Louis, Diana Marie Delgado, and Sarah Kortemeier is retired.


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