[40] Leda, J.R. Solonche

Knowledge? Are you serious?
What knowledge? Zeus
is as dumb as a rock.
All he knows is the shock
of sex. So to answer your question,
No, I did not put on
his knowledge with his power.
Believe me, there was no knowledge there.
But I admit his power was over-powering.
And that’s the only thing
he knows, how to wield power. All else
is total ignorance, an empty space.
Listen, I’m not the only one.
All of us put his power on
in one way or another.
Some of us got stronger,
with biceps, triceps, and pecs,
bulkier than Ajax.
Some of us breathe aggression.
Predators, burning with testosterone,
we grew hair on our chests and faces,
thick, curly, black hair in places
no woman should have. Knowledge? None of us
put on that, no, not from that blockhead Zeus.

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