ROBERT BLY passed away at 94 years of age, Sunday, November 21, 2021. He was an icon in the poetry world. This brilliant poet will be remembered worldwide for Iron John: A Book About Men that launched the men’s movement worldwide along with global concerns such as the Vietnam War.

Bly often shared his love of the written word with Grey Sparrow. He helped launch the journal in its first year of inception, 2009, with his poem The Water Tank. He continued to share his work each year. I will personally remember him for his great kindness and ongoing support of Grey Sparrow.

Robert Bly is resting now in God’s loving arms. -Diane Smith, Founder and Editor of Grey Sparrow.


Grey Sparrow’s National Treasure is the 2021 Pulitzer Prize Poet Natalie Diaz. Poet Diaz hails from Arizona, my home state. Her work conveys that ‘cancel culture’ concept from a unique perspective. Detail and nuance mark her writing with subtlety and grace. We have a photograph of her home of origin, Needles, California, along with several Mojave Desert panorama views. And…the monsoons have arrived in Tucson…rain, beautiful rain, thunderous rain, lightening rain, flooding rain, and more…rain. Diane

The end of civil twilight, and the beginning of nautical twilight, Desert Rim Sunset,” Photographer Jessie Eastland
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