Submission Guidelines

Grey Sparrow accepts poetry [partial to shorter poems] and Flash [500 words or less]. Send a 150 word biography and submissions to

Reading Period: January 1 to December 31. Reporting Time: 1 year. Electronic Submissions only: simultaneous, and unsolicited. Inform the editor immediately if work has been accepted elsewhere. Number of debut authors for the Sparrow per issue: approximately 10.

No previously published work.

Strictly literary writing please. Editorial Focus: global issues that haunt us all. Emerging and established voices are welcome. Book manuscripts are published sporadically. Grey Sparrow Journal also offers a “National Treasure” series in poetry and features a Pulitzer Prize writer and/or a national treasure from a country outside the United States for all issues. The Sparrow’s companion journal, Snow Jewel, will be published sporadically as well as books.

Editor Diane Smith, [Master of Liberal Arts,] Harvard University with a concentration in Journalism,] publishes poetry and flash fiction. Review Grey Sparrow before submitting work. The Sparrow’s Journal has a large online following with over 1,000,000 cumulative visitors since inception. Smith is the recipient of the emerging leadership award by her Harvard Alumni [May 2020.] She has garnered approximately 25 awards for writing and short video documentaries [non-fiction].

Guest Editor Natalie Schriefer often writes about coming of age and identity. Her work has appeared in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Room, DAME Magazine, and MTV, among others. She received her MFA from Southern Connecticut State University. Home base:  

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