Winter 2015 Chagall_Bella
Bella with White Color, Marc Chagall, 1917, Oil on Canvas


Horses and Men in Rain, Carl Sandburg



Our Life, Kosrof Chantikian

Blossoms in the Desert, John P. Kristofco

The Cold, Quiescent Eye, Marion Boyer

On Withholding Judgement, Richard Widerkehr

Mal-adaptation, Patrick Theron Erickson

“Have You Ever Been Lonely?” Jenny Hockey

I Once Worked on the Catapult, G. David Schwartz

The Oldest Part of the City, A Smooth Stone, Mary Shanley

Diabolical Bobs, Paul Cordeiro

We Meet in the Garden, Karen Sandberg

Impotent, Paul Kindlon

Brain Washing, Timothy Stobierski

Card, Fiona Sinclair

Untitled, Tendai M. Shaba

Self-Portrait in the Corridor with the Wardens, Peter Leight

The Double Sea, Laurinda Lind

For the Silent One, Michael Harmon

The World, Ziaeddin Torabi

Untitled, Simon Perchik

Trying to Sleep, Michael Milburn

Harvest Moon, Rebecca Starks

Job’s Children, William Miller


Horsebreaker, The Heartland, Janet Shell Anderson

Nigel Ford

Forever Summer, Niles Reddick

M115, Timothy Stobierski

Night Jars, David Berger

Fondly Remembered Confession, Geoffrey Miller

Why Whales Beach Themselves, D.L. Shirley

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