[40] The Mingling of Dust, James B. Nicola

When stars twinkle
we might look up
and see, even say
that one winks
knowing what such a wink
truly comprises:
blazing gaseous bluster
sent over near eternities
of space and time.


But when I see you wink,
or your eyes, as it were, twinkle,
do I know
or must I imagine
the converse?

I too am formed
of stardust,
O my beloved.
Let us look awhile together
and breathe celestially on earth
and blaze

to egest a meteor
to be hurled through space and time
and land crash-bang-whimper on a friendly planet
where, made of stardusts mingled,
he or she might learn
to breathe and blaze, like stars,
like us.

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