[40] The Museum of Human Mistakes, Vern Fein

I see so many in power
allow the gun murders
to continue unabated, who lie,
argue it is just metallic hearts
not the forged metal of weapons
that cause the Noah’s Ark of tears
to flood the world and change nothing.

If these cruel humans
were dragged before crowds,
who can’t dance with their children,
heal what can never be healed,
not ever by thoughts and prayers,
repair what cannot be restored,
the genocide of family memories,
the terror of children who lie
in bed thinking they might be next,

I would be cheering,
celebrating the demise
of those who would not listen,
would not change, glorying in a future
where their guns did not exist,
guns into plowshares or, more modern,
melted into computers to learn
by the children still left, guns exhibited
in The Museum Of Human Mistakes.

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