[40] “Nirvana,” L B Chhetri

Before leaving on your journey to “Nirvana”
You peeped through the half open window
At me and Rahul
The scene did not upset you.
You stopped for a moment
Then moved on your journey
And wandered for years
Here and there, from place to place
In search of the mystery of life
And also of death
And finally you gained
The Enlightenment!
The world recognizes you today
In the name of Lord Buddha

Congratulations, Siddharth!

But yes,
The same day, the same moment
With my eyes closed
I knew you were leaving home
You stopped, glanced and left
I didn’t obstruct
Rather, prayed to God
To fulfill your yearning desire
And I too got Nirvana
The same day, the same moment

Can you congratulate me too,
Gautam Buddha!!

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