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It Started with My Neighbor’s Puma…, Diane Smith


The Riddle, Pulitzer Prize Poet Jericho Brown

The Boat on Stone Legendary Poet Robert Bly



The Nurse, Byron Beynon
Proposal for quantifying the full spectrum of human emotion, Juliana Chang
The Poet’s Poem, Danny P. Barbare
Systems, Weekend, Calendar, Morgan Bazilian
Irretrievable, Laura Manuelidis
The Men Gathered, Colin Dodds
Summer Haircut, Wendy Gist
Om, John Delaney
Ode to June and Moon River, Thomas R. Smith
After Kafka, Stephen Mead
Seasonal, Holly Day
Earthworm, Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario
Smoking Area, Patricia Walsh
Silence, Alan Cohen
Mrs. Oleander at Windermere House, 1973, Robert Wexelblatt
Some are not Meant for this World, Len Carber
Appalachia, Autumn Storm, Matthew Hunt
A Prayer in the Plague Year, Twelve Reflections on Francis Picabia…, Michael Salcman
Disconnect, Bruce Morton
Wild Flowers, Larry D. Thomas
Passing through…, The Root…, Mark Danowsky; The Old Oak, Roberta “Bobby” Santlofer
For the Birds, Ron Singer
Las Vegas Boulevard, Sarah Butchin
Negative Space, Laine Derr
Things to do Today, D.S. Maolalai
He Showed Up On My Porch Rain Soaked and Starving, Claire Scott
Ping Pong, Nicholas Godec
Time, After Hours, Linda Eve Diamond
Unmasked, Josef Krebs
The Patriot, Emory D. Jones, PhD
Untitled Poems, Simon Perchik
There is Light at the End of the Tunnel, Hari Adhikari
Smoking Area, Patricia Walsh
Collecting Rocks…, Bananas, Lea Page
Roadside, Carina Silverman
Winter Memories, Mallika Bhaumik
Winter Solstice, Marjorie Stelmach
Storm Warning, John Sibley Williams


Woman in the Window, Francine Witte
This Place is no Longer Anyone’s Business, Zach Murphy
Snow Bright, Eternal City, Cezarija E. Abartis
Old Mary, John Means
Separation, Stephanie Harris-Goad
If You Bring…, David Atkinson
Alzheimer’s, Kharys Ateh Laue
Ripples, Susie Gharib
Where Dreams Begin, Christian McCulloch
Bean There, Phillip Barcio
The God of Small Things, Joseph Berida

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