[36] Negative Space, Laine Derr

Let me take
My leave
Of the sun and the fields.

I must go in;
the fog is rising.

I can’t
Go on
Spoiling your life
Any longer.

I don’t
think two people
could have been
happier than
we have been.

For me
much of the world
makes no sense,
but my feelings
about what I am doing
ring loud and clear

To an inner ear and a place
Where there is no self,
Only calm.



Spoken by:

Stanza 1: Miguel Hernandez

Space between stanza one and two: Garcia Lorca

S2: Emily Dickinson

White Space: Osip Mandelstam – if read closely:

Only in Russia
is poetry respected,
it gets people killed.

Is there anywhere
else where poetry is
so common a motive
for murder?

S3 & 4: Virginia Woolf

Space: Henry David Thoreau
Moose Indian

S5 & 6: Wendy O. Williams

Space, Rest: Hart Crane, bloodied,
whispers:                      Goodbye, everybody!


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