Summer 2018 Moore 5
Rockport Harbour, evening.
Oil, 14×18
Fine Artist Sean Moore


Editor Diane Smith


Grey Sparrow’s National Treasure in Poetry, Sara Teasdale

I Shall Not Care, Sara Teasdale


Counting Time, Ann Christine Tabaka

The Last Time Your Name Is Spoken, John Delaney

“All Life the Same,” “Miraculous Creature, Bird for the Ages,” Sam Doctors

Out of Kobanî, Carl Boon

Think About the Government, G. David Schwartz

Easter Saturday, Nils T. Peterson

Liminal, Bill Griffin

Virginia Woolf’s Arbour: A Reading of The Waves, Susie Gharib

The Town Of Collioure, Byron Beynon

Biography Clips With Landscape, Paul Cordeiro

Hare, Leslie King

“It’s the Law,” Paul Kindlon

Night With Time, Linda Eve Diamond

Lying Awake, Andrew Hubbard

The Boy and his Machine, Michael T. Smith

“Constraint,” “Money Talks,” Gary Beck

Races, Stephen Mead

Go to the Graveyard, but Whisper, John Thomas Allen

Her, Thomas Gresham

Self-Portrait in Old Age, Maureen Eppstein

Night Walk, Phil Huffy

Favored Winds, Roger Singer

From Bow to Stern, Thomas Piekarski

No Dante but Maybe Guided, Matthew Bruce Harrison

Tectonic Dance (Quake in Nepal,) K.S. Subramanian

Fence Barricade, Diane Webster

Romance, James B. Nicola

Grey Sparrow’s National Treasure in the Visual Arts, Sean Moore

Sean Moore and his Artistry


The Natural World, Anthony Lawrence

Buzz Ripsaw, Ann Graham

Let’s Bargain, Jay Frankston

Muse [They/Them], M.J. Iuppa


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