[33] Chocolate, Seema Aavas

Suddenly, a hole has befallen in my forehead
Through this hole do I watch pleasantly playing children

They build their own Earth at play
Construct a universe within it
And wander around carrying it in their hands
Thus, I behold cavorting kids
Carrying in hands their own Earths

With chocolates in their hands
A priest at the door of a temple
An imam at the threshold of a mosque, and
A monk at the entrance of a monastery
Invites the frolicking children

As the children prance around with chocolates in their hands
A beggar suddenly blocks their way
To ask for chocolates

The children bite their chocolates in half
And offer the pieces to the beggar

The moment the pieces fall into the beggar’s hands
They turn into a bomb

The beggar then starts to chase the children
Pointing the bomb at them

Throwing their handful of Earths on the ground
The children frantically scamper around in an uncontrollable pace

Merely to see their Earths on the ground shatter

Thus, I behold
The disappearing children
Dropping like hails on the ground
Out of the steamy eyes of the Earth.

Translated from Nepali by Tika Lamsal
Reprinted from Snow Jewel, 2018, Volume 9

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