[33] Longing for the Family, Momila Joshi

I cannot tell
Where the anonymous paths of
Life drawn across my brow will lead!
I keep walking—unaware

No matter where the night falls as I travel,
I never feel pressed to return to my nonexistent home
No matter when the day dawns as I settle for the night,
No destined home has settled in my eyes…

I was shaken off of the branches,
blown haphazardly,
The seasons leaving me stripped naked on the path,
Like lonely yellow saplings cornered by a stone…

At times death would pay me a visit
In the rain and in the sun
With no umbrella
Then return again without inquiring how I did…

In my dream today,
An unknown gentleman patted me on my back
Having landed from a roadside hoarding board
Another lady filled my hands with victuals having landed from another hoarding board

I asked—
“Are you my parents?”
Seemingly divorced for years,
They hug each other.
—Now free from the fate of the hoarding board—
A home waits for them. No words are uttered…

I stare with my thirsty eyes
In the direction they depart! I keep staring!!

I may also return home,
After all the birds have flown from the trees forever!

Translated from Nepali by Khem K. Aryal
Reprinted from Snow Jewel 2015, Volume 6

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