[34] Summer 2019

Chirps from the Sparrow Issue 34

concrete overalls sculptures (2)
Concrete Overalls, Mario Loprete, 2016


Grey Sparrow’s National Treasure
Abscess, Forrest Gander, 2019 Pulitzer Prize Poet



I wish I were a myopic, Hari Adhikari
Storm Brewing, Christina E. Petrides
Four Poems,  Brandy McKenzie
Early Sunday Morning in March…, Richard Widerkehr
High Andean Religion, Michael Biehl
Wabi-Sabi, Thomas R. Smith
The First Day of Winter, Michael Brownstein
Koi, Nels Hanson
Two Poems: Bruce McRae
The music I grew up with, Maria A. Arana
Soft Days and Nights, Roger Singer 
“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (31), Christopher Barnes
Crows or Ravens and Early Spring Disciples, David B. Prather
Refuge, Terry Mulert
At Mission San Buenaventura…, Greg Maddigan
Luger 1948, Guinotte Wise
Refugee, Byron Beynon
Resurrection, Michael Lyle
Maplewood, Tanner Stening
The Foal, John Delaney
Colors, Les Wicks
Early Morning, Making His Rounds at the Restaurant, Rodney Torreson
Two Poems, Thom Young
Orality, Bryan D. Price
On Waking in the Morning Early (After Su Dongpo), George Freek
Daphne, Stephen Jackson
New Year’s Omen, Alan Toltzis
What I Learned Working for the County, Monty Jones
Selah, Jonathan K. Rice
Let’s Ignite the Fire, Bam Dev Sharma
Mary Oliver, In Memoriam, Erren Kelly
Ceasefire and That is Just Rope, John Sibley Williams
Three Poems, D.A. Gray


Flash Fiction

Schauerroman, DS Levy
Junk Drawer, Claire Scott
The Exception, Nigel Ford
Big Dig, Dan Cardoza
The New Passion, Timothy Reilly
Still Life, Conrad Bishop/Elizabeth Fuller
Hand-prints, James la Vigne



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