[34] I wish I were a myopic, Hari Adhikari

I saw those towering trees over the hills
Not the dust particles ‘round my eyes
And breathed in the oxygen of the future.
I saw those fancy marines on the land
Not the sandy puddles ‘round my eyes
And dived into the waters of the future.
I saw those sparkling creeks beyond the hills
Not the thirsty vessels ‘round my eyes
And showered in the fountains of the future.
I saw those flashing planets beyond Mars
Not the depleting ozones ‘round my eyes
And launched the flights of the future.
I saw those coveted chairs in the capital
Not the broken benches ‘round my eyes
And reclined in the cushions of the future.
I saw those piebald bouquets over my body
Not the posters of protest ‘round my eyes
And relished in the honors of the future.
I saw those shiny medals on the walls
Not the tears of my kids ‘round my eyes
And pondered on the prestige of the future
I saw those dancing damsels on the screens
Not the loving ladies ‘round my eyes
And flirted with the fairies of the future.
How I wish I were nothing but a myopic
Who could see things around my own eyes,
And fix them right away to ensure my future!

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