Winter 2022, Issue 39


Cactus Cradle airs July 31st, 2022, here, at Grey Sparrow Journal with guest poets Bojan Louis, Diana Marie Delgado, and Sarah Kortemeier.  Read on…


Prairie, Carl Sandburg

That Strange Word, Robert Bly


The Day he Died, and the Day After, Thomas R. Smith’s Homage


Burden of Words, Pepper Trail

Almanac 17, Christopher Barnes

Omicron, Beloved New Species, Josef Krebs

Watching Ida Barnstorm the South, Gary English

Wisdom, Andrew Alexander Mobbs

The Sea Still Holds Me, Ken Massicotte

It’s OZARK 30, Billy Cancel

Untitled Vignette, Simon Perchik

Unremorseful (After Lu Yu), George Freek

Hard to Face, Jo-Anne Cappeluti

Collectibles, Ronald McFarland

Untitled Vignette, Jacob Stratman

First Aid (for Rocky), Bruce Morton

No Serotonin Left, Claire Scott

Have I Told the Truth Lately?, Louisa Schnaithmann

The Stuff of Life, Moriah Hampton

Through Fog, Through Storm, Stars, KB Ballentine

Deep Freeze, Emory D. Jones

The Time of Nostalgia, Len Carber

Untitled, Batnadiv HaKarmi

Angling, John Muro

Truth, JR Solonche

[P]Fig Heaven, Gerard Sarnat

A Footprint in the Ashes of Time, Dmitry Blizniuk

With Ovid on the Autobahn, Eva Heisler

Sewage Spill in the Dominguez Channel, Andrea McLaughlin

Beyond Recognition, Roger Camp

Small Turtles Sunning, Thomas R. Smith

The Logic of Mockingbirds, Kate Flannery

Night Father, Michael Green

Dodging the wheels of a truck, DS Maolalai

To Open the Door, Ivan de Monbrison

Mothers Worry. That’s What They Do. They Worry…, Tyrel Kessinger

Deep in my Couch, Michael Lee Johnson

Afternoon Appointment, Duane Anderson

Silencing the Light, James Fleet Underwood

The Dream Year, Aine Greaney

This Isn’t the End, Peter Leight


Broken Mirrors, Paul C. Rosenblatt

Meteor Shower, Stuart Watson 

An Exclusive Club, Clive Aaron Gill

Tracks, Adele Evershed

Rough Justice, Hugh Cartwright

36,000 Feet, Michael Harper

Branching Out, Scott G. Harvey

Two Fathers, Linh Tran

Freedom, Mark Russo

So Long, David Galef

Exclusive, Linda McMullen

The Lake House, Keith Hoerner

Two Sides, Angeline Schellenberg


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