[39] First Aid (for Rocky), Bruce Morton

Bruised innocence leaves soul
And conscience lacerated. My
Pale experience pales at first aid.

How do I explain to this sweet child,
Born where heart of darkness was,
Explain what  darkness of heart is?

Do I merely say that some children
Are stupid and say stupid things
Because their parents are haters?

I answer his questions as best I can:
No, all Africans do not have fat lips;
You do not have fat lips, you do not.

No, you do not have gorilla skin;
Your skin is beautiful. Our skin
Is many shades, all beautiful.

Why did he call me the N word?
A hug and tear hardly seem enough,
Enough to salve his pain or mine.

Oh, that simple decency would be
Simply black and white, instead
Of a matter of black or white.

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