Evidence: Emergent, Daniel A. Rabuzzi, [2023:41]

“Melting permafrost in the icy north of Siberia is revealing a veritable graveyard of frozen prehistoric animals” –  Carly Cassella, “A Freakishly Well-Preserved Woolly Rhino Was Plucked From Siberia’s Melting Tundra,” Science Alert, January 2nd, 2021.

Methane mists,

Mammoth corpses,

Sunken humps of peat.

Flocculence frost-bitten,

Compressed intestines,

            Seeds and roots within;

Submerged diorama



The tons of many years.

Earth is blinking,

Grit and bones

Picked out.

Past as gelid prism,

Frozen oracle bones.

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