Winter 2018 Diana Y Paul DotPatrol
Dot.Patrol, Artist and Writer Diana Y. Paul

Diane Smith is the principal editor and founder of Grey Sparrow Press.  She publishes writing about global issues that haunt us all—the diminishing middle class, the poor, refugees, healthcare; those who have little visibility or power in society.  Smith has garnered awards for her writing in Canada, England, and the United States.  She is a graduate of Harvard University with a Master of Liberal Arts in Journalism through the School of Continuing Education.

Khem K. Aryal is Grey Sparrow’s editorial consultant and principal copy editor.  His fiction has appeared in such journals as Hawaii Pacific Review, Poydras Review, Northeast Review, Qwerty Magazine, and Warscapes. He  teaches writing at Arkansas State University.

Volunteer positions are available for editing at Grey Sparrow Press.  Please send your legal name, street address and biography to dsdianefuller@gmail.com


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