Video, “Old Ukraine,” Poem, Christmas with a Taste of Sadness, Vyacheslav Konoval, [2023:41]

Editor’s Note: Vyacheslav Konoval prefaced his poem with this short documentary he produced from war-torn Ukraine with charming historical scenes of his home prior to invasion. “Old Kiev,” ©Vyacheslav Konoval

Christmas with a Taste of Sadness

A new moon was born,
he looks into the blue mirror,
spotted fireflies become signposts.

A new moon was born
long nights are harbingers of winter

white tents put on Earth
as if it were grandmother’s carpets.

Children’s laughter and gifts of Nicholas,
somewhere in the memories of the worldly,

no hustle and bustle of people.

Now, enemy warehouses burn on the front lines,
red mushrooms erupt.

Frozen festive illumination
in bright pictures

viewed with tears, through confusion,
…this mournful Christmas.

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