[38] Today, Walter Weinschenk

No beauty to be found along these wicked streets.  I was mildly desperate and had been so for so many years.  “What is your purpose?” I asked myself, dizzy with need, not knowing what I needed.  Pointless to live through the day just to get to the next, so it seemed to me.  “Time to go” is what I thought.  I walked to the pier and dove right off and quickly lost sight of the thin grey line.

Seething waves in rhythmic riot:  they tried to shake off a flat green patina.  I sank fast but, suddenly, everything made sense to me.  I was now a citizen of the underneath, the world that no one knows.  I laughed when I saw the King, trident held high, as he mingled with the tigerfish jacketed in scales of silver and gold.  They shook their fins to show me the way and ushered me over with tails in a flutter.  The water was cool but it wasn’t cold.  There was no worry, no human thing but there were rows of sea anemone, dressed in red, and long green weeds that glided along.  It was delightful, I must say.  “Today, down here, is quite endless”, said the King as I floated by, headed toward a deep ravine.  You could say it is forever here and you might not be wrong:  no one needs and nothing is needed.  I didn’t ever want to leave which is why, today, I drift through the shifting depths.  I take my rest on the sandy floor where urchins live and crabs wander in ceaseless circles.  The sea breathes for me in long draughts.  I let the current carry me out through long shafts of angled light.

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