[38] At Covington, KY, Phil Huffy

Two stadiums in view,
though I have not attended either.
Standing on the levee on a game day
gives nice views of the baseball crowd.

Visitors from another planet
(orange suited football fans)
cross over the Ohio sometimes
to save on spiritous refreshments.

I have asked locals if they know
how closely the Roebling matches its cousin,
ceasing these inquiries in view of
blank stares often encountered.

Waffle House, White Castle
Gold Star, Dixie, Skyline,
Check Cashing, Smokes, Drive Thru Liquor
all nestled in the shadow of bridge maintenance.

Don’t Forget the now abandoned IRS parcel,
still ringed by fences, with sturdy gates,
where workers who once held great power
came and went while smirking malevolently.

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