[38] Dream of the Blue Whales, Richard Merli

I’m treading in the cobalt sea.
Like a child, I see all of life anew.
The world looks very different to me.
This is a time when the Earth is new.

A shroud of fog begins to clear.
The stars are stitched in satin white.
A world of magic surrounds me here,
Under the spangled blue velvet night.

I am awakening to the dawn of time.
The sea ice floats like a broken puzzle.
From beneath these waves of salty rime,
You surprise me with your silken muzzle.

My hand caresses your mottled brow.
I latch both hands on your dorsal fin.
You rise up and then you gently bow.
I shriek sudden joy from deep within.

You are there and then you are not.
We weave through the pleated waves.
You are a hulk and no more than a dot.
My life is now yours to drown or to save.

You rise up like a mighty mountain.
I see thousands like you, near and far.
You spurt geysers of water, like a fountain.
You number more than the night time stars.

You lead me through the icy floes.
Serenade me with your lullaby songs.
Your life is a secret no one will know.
Your music will carry us all night long.

If I dream this dream again tomorrow,
Will you vanish, or will you still remain?
Or will you haunt my days with sorrow,
Like some sad and beautiful old refrain?

We’ll journey beyond what’s known to be.
In flights of ecstasy, we are calm and brave.
Let us discover the lost horizons of infinity.
We’ll sojourn till dawn through endless waves.

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