[38] An Eye Exam for Mr. Magoo, Duane Anderson

Each year, I went in for my annual eye exam
and with each visit, old faithful,
the all-important eye chart was present,

the doctor asked me to remove my glasses
and read the smallest letters I could make
out on the chart, and me, knowing I could

not even make out the capital E,
the largest letter displayed at the top.
Why he still asked after reading my thick

medical chart, I did not understand?
Did he think I would develop some super
hero vision, allowing me to see through walls?

Yes, I am Mr. Magoo without my glasses,
a good reason why I wear them.
My eye sight, something not taken for granted,

always fearing I could go blind one day,
though sometimes, a blurred view of the world
was helpful from me going insane.

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