[37] Terrain, Heather Laszlo Rosser

in this window scene    it’s been about to rain all day
unadorned trees against gray sky    a few copper leaves
twist their way off the beech    spiraling to the dry earth

what I really want to say
is that you hurt me and I
forgive you and mea
culpa and even so
a broken little cup

we met in the woods    neither of us wanted to go back
we still agree    the passage has been under rivers and
through mountains    a lot of terrain you could say

when you came in I was a litany of lists    I still am    when it rains
the empire gets soaked    that’s a good thing    if we can still do
good/not good    I want to be about joy    I think I used to be
and then    well    you know    this is the pleasure    now    and

luckily the music is loud and the footwork
requires considerable attention    and

don’t worry about the dishes
let’s be the pair of crows
who don’t mind getting
into it over a piece of twisted
toast and then when it rains
separately alight
to the barn roof

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