[37] Shush please, Tamizh Ponni

On a cold winter night
I lay in the comfort of soft blankets and cushy pillows
The non-stop titter-tatter against all tangibles
mercilessly broke my hard-earned slumber
Sliding and slithering over and over 
Crystalline droplets raced on the glassy tracks
without much caution or trepidation.
The uncoiled skeins of climatic emotions
were desperate to bring glee into doldrums.
I woke up, sat up and stayed up
leaning towards the windowpane, listening to their tantrums
All night in silence, eyes closed, ears open
It was a performance that clamored for attention
from lonely souls and midnight owls.
I wish it came with a volume control
The loud clatter and yellow lights, were acting like partners in crime
brutally stirring up memories of good times
Days that could not be reclaimed
Nights and people that were taken for granted
The happy chemicals I managed to create
were rashly getting washed down the creeks.
I sat there shiftless watching it happen
as the raging tears trickled down.
No amount of righteous downpour
Would ever cleanse my soul or grant an absolution
So I beg for some silence, a little peace
Whispering through the damp chamber,
“Shush please, shush please.”

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