[37] Selling Short, Claire Scott

The future not in high demand
last time I looked, selling short
in a frenzy of activity, traders not so sure
the future will arrive in decent shape,
worried it will be scorched by fire or
drenched in floodwaters, worried
it might be virus ridden or tainted
with rage, long past the possibility
of compromise, each side so certain, fighting
for survival, firing epithets and malicious lies
destroying the little that is left

What if we see the future just ahead of us
yes, right there behind that row of junipers
or perhaps across the street, shuffling
along the sidewalk outside Target,
disheveled, limping, looking lost,
holding out a coffee cup, please
will we turn away, shame-faced, tucking
our heads into our hoodies or will we hurry
to catch up and hold the future in our arms
weeping for what we have done
and tending to the little that is left

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