[32] Night with Time, Linda Eve Diamond


In a hot flash, Time passed by
and put a little fan by the bedside.

Seems harder than ever to sleep between the heat
and the harsh climate of never-ending news cyclones.

Relaxing is hard work—between today’s news and
wondering what stories will break and shatter next.

Even sleep, itself, buzzes with alarm.
Will I fall into comfort—or terror?

My husband sleeps peacefully beside me
in a dream he entered easily and won’t recall.

My mind races with envy. I wrap around him
wishing I could piggyback on that easy, peaceful sleep.

I focus on breath, soften and stretch for deep relaxation,
listen to music, silence, and countless sleep meditations…

Then try counting down from 100, counting sheep,
blessings, cards, chickens before they hatch, elephants…

Time spins the hours like a top
until I feel too tired to sleep.

“Quit playing games, Time,” I say. “I’m so tired.”
We talk for a while, mostly about dreams.

A gust of sand blows in… 

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