[22] Fall 2014



Motive for Metaphor, Wallace Stevens


Deflections of Slanted Light, Co-authored by David Adès, Bob Walicki

The Green Wheelbarrow, Linda Eve Diamond

Reaping the Whirlwind, Upon Discovering Desert Canoeing, Bosque Reclamation, Wendy Gist

Vis Vitae, Once Removed, Corner of Coldwater and Addison, Jude Hopkins

Proust Creates a Facebook Account, Barth Landor

Real, Mother Mystique, Summertime,This Girl I Knew, Long Time Ago, Diane Lefer

Spark, Terry Martin

The Day Betty Died, Driving by the Old House, Kevin McCoy

Charlie and James, Dead Celebrities, Coleridge in Highgate, Dreams of a Porno Star, The Redneck Liz Taylor, Social Media, Elder Suicide, William Miller

Hardtop, Micah Muldowney

High Noon in Turkey during Ramadan, Arsevi Seyran

The Minister’s Last Morning, The Evening and the Morning, Elizabeth, Amie Sharp

Killers, On the Rocks at Russian Gulch, Robert Joe Stout

Mexico Pelican, Place of Missing Parts, Tree of Preaching to the Birds, Joanna White, Photograph, Kennen White

Déraillement des Plumes, Chattering Glasses, 19th Birthday, Valley Man, Frankie & the Monuments, Les Wicks


The Artist, Daniel Ta Hyun lee [Honorable Mention, 2014 Snow Jewel Flash Fiction Competition]

A Fisherman Seen, Bill Schroeter

November 1986, Jesse Sensibar


The Parish Office, Robert Boucheron

Fairway, 1965, Angele Ellis

Thoughts for the Ages, Michael Ellman

Three Months, Terez Peipins


Black and White Sketches, Wayne Burke


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