[16] Spring 2013



To Paula in Late Spring, W.S. Merwin


Morning’s Refrain by John Abbott

Forcemeat by Paul Beilstein

Three Poems by Douglas Cole:
The Endless Roads
Elysian Fields

Two Poems by Isabel Brome Gaddis:
Artist’s Entrance
Nautical Adventure,

No Fish, Only Chips by Mitchell Grabois

Two Poems by Monty Jones:
Plato’s Cave
Kitty Hawk

Three Poems by M.P. Jones:
Gone Far Gone
Down The Oxbow
Wood Ducks Bobbing On Dark Water

August in Chicago by Barth Landor

Shame by Ann E. Michael

This Door Slams Easily Now… by Simon Perchik

Three Poems by Michael Salcman:
If You Can’t See Him, He’s Not There, Or Voilà,
The Dog
Rockefeller’s Gift
Fourth Greatest Human Being in World History

An Embrace of Penguins by Paul Scully

Don’t Even Talk to Me About Loneliness by Danny Earl Simmons

Door – I by Bhisma Upreti

Gravity by Samartha Vashishtha

The Ocean End of Lion: Seasonal Guesses & Caesar Thing by Jackson Wills


Call Me When Cheryl Burke Is Dancing by Abe Amidor

The Letter by Kate Brandes

Goldilocks and the Three Boys by Christopher DeWan
Broken, by Elizabeth Cummins Muñoz

The Americans Gone, I Find Myself Thinking
by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton


Three Drabbles by D.I. Sanders:
American Logic
Tickle Me No More
How The Local News Anchor Described it
vs. What Actually Happened

Three Drabbles by Lynn Hoffman:
Drinking Cantillon at the Brewery
Not This Way Again

God and the Devil: The Exit Interview by Corey Mesler

What’s Going On in the Parsonage Basement
by E. Martin Pedersen

Pop-Up by Jon Sindell

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